Thing 1: Here goes… INTP Librarian……blogging…..

I have decided to participate in the 23 Things for Professional Development program.  Why am I doing this?  Well, I want to learn more about the profession and what I can do to further it.  As an INTP, I think a lot….A LOT, but I don’t always write it down.  As you can see by this blog, I haven’t posted anything since July…… Continue reading

Guided Meditation

How does an INTP slow down thinking?  Meditation!  How does an INTP meditate?  Through guided meditation. Ti dominants tend to think all of the time.  I think when I am trying to sleep, so I rarely get good sleep.  I have found that guided meditation allows me to shut off or slow down my thinking.  It is a similar feeling I get in the “runner’s high.”  Try it.

Guided Meditation


INTPs as Incubators

I recently read this article Are you a procrastinator or an incubator? posted on and really thought about the differences between procrastinators and incubators.  As an INTP, I can relate to this article.  I tend to have that “back burner” mentality discussed in the article.

When I complete my work, whether personal, professional or scholarly, it is of high quality.  I must spend time “putzing” around.  It is necessary to function.  While I am off seemingly wasting time, I am randomly thinking about what I need to do.  Many times I get inspiration from doing nothing or reading or playing video games.  Then, when I actually focus on what needs to be done, BAM!  I produce a quality piece of work in seemingly little time.
Oh, it’s stressful, but that is how I work.  However, not too many people understand this about me.  That is another challenge.  How do we explain this need without sounding selfish and lazy?