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Thing 2: Visiting the cpd23 neighbourhood

That was fun!  I sort of like being a latecomer here.  I am typically a lurker, so I have had a chance to see many posts on cpd23 Things.

I found a cute little blog called 23 things (insert clever name here).  It was the name that made me go there.  There haven’t been any posts since August, but I still liked the site.  I would really like to read more!
Then I checked out Dewey Decibelle.  I felt yelled at when I went to the home page.  I did read the post “Thing 2: the one where a librarian does a lot of reading.”  I think it is a common misconception that librarians just sit around and read all the time.  I wish!  Librarians do so much that reading is almost like a guilty pleasure.  I have to sneak time in to read.  That being said, Thing 2 does encourage reading.
Geeks Inherit All is an awesome blog name.  Too bad there hasn’t been a post since September 2011.  I am curious… many people finished cpd23 things?????  I will do my best not to let this fall by the wayside as so many others have.
Yes!  I found a squirrel blog!  As an AGD, I approve!  🙂  I love this blog.  The current post is some beautiful pictures of her library bathed in sunshine.  I especially like the picture of the light coming in from the windows above shining down on the books.  I clicked about on her CPD23 Things post and love her reasons for joining the CPD23 program.  You go, Squirrel!

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