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Guided Meditation

How does an INTP slow down thinking?  Meditation!  How does an INTP meditate?  Through guided meditation. Ti dominants tend to think all of the time.  I think when I am trying to sleep, so I rarely get good sleep.  I have found that guided meditation allows me to shut off or slow down my thinking.  It is a similar feeling I get in the “runner’s high.”  Try it.

Guided Meditation


2 responses to “Guided Meditation

  1. BD ⋅

    I like that you posted this. I’m a fellow INTP and am only now starting to realize exactly what you wrote. The guided meditation gives the (It) dominance a break and gives our NP a chance to breathe. My only question is what are the benefits of this? Relaxation and Better self-awareness are my initial conclusions.

    • lz ⋅

      I need a way to shut my brain off. Guided meditation helps me to this, along with other benefits such as relaxation and better self-awareness. I just started running again and I’m aiming to experience the runner’s high. It has been years since I have had the experience. I hope this helps.

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