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INTPs as Incubators

I recently read this article Are you a procrastinator or an incubator? posted on and really thought about the differences between procrastinators and incubators.  As an INTP, I can relate to this article.  I tend to have that “back burner” mentality discussed in the article.

When I complete my work, whether personal, professional or scholarly, it is of high quality.  I must spend time “putzing” around.  It is necessary to function.  While I am off seemingly wasting time, I am randomly thinking about what I need to do.  Many times I get inspiration from doing nothing or reading or playing video games.  Then, when I actually focus on what needs to be done, BAM!  I produce a quality piece of work in seemingly little time.
Oh, it’s stressful, but that is how I work.  However, not too many people understand this about me.  That is another challenge.  How do we explain this need without sounding selfish and lazy?

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